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Java Pdf to Tiff Example

I needed to get files in tiff format from PDF files. I knew I could do that calling GhostScript  from a Java application e.g. gs -o output.tiff -sDEVICE=tiffg4 -r600 mydpf.pdf but I wanted a 100% java solution.... Read More

Simple Linux Service Wrapper to Run Tomcat on startup

This is a simple wrapper to run Tomcat as a service. You need to be a root user.... Read More

Java JSP Examples to Display Thread Status.

Sometimes it's useful to know that is some threads status. I normally use JConsole to monitor but if you can't use this technology and you need to know what is going on with the threads an easy trick is to upload a JSP to the server. Here are some good examples for that.... Read More

MySql Query Optimization Tips

Here you can find some tips to optimize slow queries that have been useful to me.... Read More

Linux Java Service Wrapper Example

This is a simple wrapper to run a Java program as service. You need to be a root user.... Read More

Java NIO Server Example (Asynchronous Bidirectional)

I needed to create a server for up to 1000 concurrent users. Using a single-threaded-per-socket connection was taking too much CPU and memory. NIO is supposed to increase your latency but it wasn't too much in my case.... Read More

Java Sockets Performance Test Example (Asynchronous Bidirectional)

I was asked to develop a socket service that could send and receive requests asynchronously. The service was meant to cope with up to 300 concurrent users and up to send/receive 50/100 messages per second.... Read More

Quick MySQL commands and exaples plus JDBC and JSP examples

Here is a list of my most frecently used MySql Commands and examples... Read More