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Basic Example of Persistence with Java

Sometimes we may need to save our objects out of the RAM scope. The act of storing  objects outside the RAM is called persistence.... Read More

Mini Java Socket Server example

This Example shows how to create a small HTTP server using Java Sockets. It can be useful to communicate with Cron jobs, to test whether Java is working, check out HTTP communications with a specific port, see all the headers sent by the web browser, or to verify that the post data is being sent to a specific port.... Read More

Top 5 linux console applications for me

Sometimes working with console applications can be a pain in neck, luckily there are a few console applications that can really come handy.... Read More

Set Tomcat session Timeout

To change the tomcat session timeout you need to specify or change the session-timeout parameter it in the web.xml whose path is WEB-INF/web.xml. Most web containers/application server tend to respect this rule too.... Read More

Tomcat How to Set a folder in our app outside the WAR deployment

You may need to do this for a number of reasons.... Read More

Tomcat disable session persistence

When Tomcat is shutdown or restarted will always try to save all the serialized session objects to a file. If we are trying to develop an application and we are testing the session or if we want to disable this feature we have to perform a change in the context.xml file... Read More