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Top 5 Linux console applications for me

img/0/15/linux-logo-large.jpgSometimes working with console applications can be a pain in neck, luckily there are a few console applications that can really come handy.

I have been working integrating and developing web applications with telephony services and I always try to install this apps whenever it is possible.

Here there is a list of my 5 favorite console applications I hope you can find these apps as useful as me!



5 Iftop

Very powerful app to monitor the bandwidth used in the server.


sudo apt-get install iftop

4 Lynx


It's a very powerful console web browser. It's very useful to download images and text from web applications, quite useful when it comes to resolving bugs in the server.

sudo apt-get install lynx-cur

3 Htop

It's an improved top command, very useful to find out what processes are taking much memory, cpu, etc.


sudo apt-get install htop

2 Midnight Commander

Not just good for the old times sake. Based on the old MS-DOS version of the Norton Commander, very useful to move files between folders, connect to ssh, edit files. etc.


sudo apt-get install mc

1 Vim

It's no cool without colors. Improved version of the old vi Unix editor command. Highights code in many different languages. It takes some time to learn how to use it but it is essential when you have no other choice than going to the production server, risking your health and your job to make some live adjustments.


sudo apt-get install vim