Age: 43
Location: Madrid, Spain


Professional Profile

Development and analysis for different solutions mostly J2EE Web area for telephony software.

Work Experience

Mar 2015 - until now

Freelance AP

Web Development

Freelance consultant and Analyst Programmer.

  • J2EE Web application
  • PL/SQL Oracle
  • Java REST JSON Webservices
  • Linux Ubuntu Web application Migration

Apr 2013 - Feb 2015

Solution Architect

Telephony company, Full-Time

Temporary job for an IT Telephony company developing software for its clients.

  • Delphi-Lazarus CTI project for a French Telephony company. Integration with other Java and Asterisk services.
  • Optimizaci√≥n Mysql
  • J2EE (Struts2)Monitor, PBX administration and recording management applications.
  • J2EE Flex Monitor with Spring and Hibernate.
  • J2EE Cron jobs with Talend and Spring Batch.
  • Java REST Webservices

Feb 2012 - Feb 2013

Solution Architect

OutSourcing company, Full-Time

Fully Transferred to Verti insurance company. Requirement analysis taken from the users and development of different applications that integrate web with the Asterisk PBX.

  • J2EE/SQL Web App. to play recorded agent calls, advanced search of calls, different roles, LDAP user validation, web tree search of calls in a Unix folder structure, etc.
  • J2EE/SQL Web App. to allow users to handle their queues, free users on specific dates, manage operator permissions etc.
  • Maintenance and Development of Flex applications and Servlets, for call centre activity monitoring.
  • J2EE Cron jobs for statistics and alerts.
  • Java Websockets CTI prototype.

Jun 2009 - Jan 2012


OutSourcing companies, Full-Time

Mostly for At Sistemas mainly transferred to Linea Directa and other insurance companies.

  • J2SE/SQL/Genesys 7.2 API Click2Call App. to allow Internet users to receive a call by the company now or at specified time. Integration with the PBX, Form validation, Security mechanism to prevent abusive use etc.
  • J2SE/SQL/Genesys 7.2 API Extension Manager App. Intranet app that activate/deactivate Genesys extensions on demand. Integrated with the CTI. Validation of active users, communication with the CTI from the batch, etc.
  • Android CTI prototype based on the App. CSipSimple
  • Maintenance and development of Flex Environment with BlazeDS to Spring for different services.
  • Maintenance and development of an SWT CTI for the call centre.
  • Maintenance and development of Maven+Spring+Hibernate services for an international project settled in Madrid.
  • Developement of a J2EE with Struts+Spring+Ibatis for the Ministry of Inmigration and Foreign Affairs.
  • Domotic and Telephony Company Website with Google App. Engine Sphiria

Nov 2007 - May 2009


Universia Holding, Full-Time

Universia Internet services company.

  • J2SE/Struts2/Spring/Hibernate Participa Universia Web App. whose goal was to allow the international portal users to send their comment and subcribe to the RSS feeds
  • Maintenance and development of Flex Environment with BlazeDS/Spring and framework Cairgorn for different services.
  • J2EE Cron Jobs.
  • PHP social network prototype based on Elgg.
  • Performance Tests with WebLoad and Apache JMeter.

Sep 2004 - Nov 2007

Junior Programmer

B.T.I OutSourcing Company, Full-Time

Transferred to Iberia Airline Company, Ceca Banking and Gas Natural Energy Industry.

  • Java Cron Jobs.
  • J2EE 1.4 Websites.
  • VMS Operating System Cron Jobs.
  • MVS JCL Mainframe Cron Jobs.
  • Unix Cron Jobs.

Non-Professional Experience

Oct 2001 - Jun 2002

Service Volunteer

NON-Profit British Organization CSV, Full-Time Volunteer

Social Work in England and Scotland.

Feb 2005 - Feb 2012

Developer Volunteer

NON-Profit Internet Organizations, Occasional Volunteer

Volunteer IT. work for NON-Profit Organizations in the portal.

Tecnical Skills


  • Java J2SE
  • Java Sockets
  • JSP
  • Servlets
  • Genesys API


  • CSS
  • Spring
  • Struts 2
  • Javascript
  • Flex
  • Tomcat
  • Asterisk Java AMI
  • SQL Oracle
  • SVN
  • MySQL
  • Java Swing
  • Regex
  • Url Rewrite


  • JQuery
  • JBoss
  • MySQL
  • Android
  • Maven
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Asterisk
  • FreeSwitch
  • C
  • PHP
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Sip
  • Delphi-Lazarus


Sep 2002 - Sep 2004

Diploma in Developement of Software Applications

2 years course plus 3 intership months

  • First year final Project Tetris Game coded in VB6 Project 1
  • Second year final Project Javanoid Game coded in Java Swing Project 2

Oct 1999 - Jun 2004

Proficient in Engish language

Offical Spanish Languages School, 5-year course


Feb 2013 - Mar 2013

Java SE 5 and 6, Certified Associate Exam (SCJA)

Self Studied

Additional Information

  • No commitments to travel abroad
  • Linkedin perfil
  • StackOverFlow profile
  • OldWebs 2007-2001 link